The Alavi Family of Tehran

Part II


L. A. Ferydoun Barjesteh van Waalwijk van Doorn and Prof. Dr. M. Samsami Mohajer

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VIII-1. Zahra 'Shams Iran' Saatsaz, born Tehran, died March/April 1975; she married Mohammad Golkhoui, crystal merchant in Tehran, died Tehran 1987/1988, son of Mohammad Golkhoui, merchant in Tehran.

Children from this marriage:

1. Nayereh Azam Golkhoui, died Tehran 20 ordibehesht 1993.

2. Fakhr ol-Molouk Golkhoui, see IX-1.

3. Mansoureh Golkhoui, see IX-2.

4. Abbas Golkhoui, see IX-3.

VIII-2. Ahmad Saatzaz, later Mohammadzadeh, born Tehran, crystal merchant in Tehran; he married 1st (later divorced) Maliheh (Maliazam) Alavi, daughter of Seyyed Reza Alavi and Ehteram ol-Hajjieh Hosseinian; he married 2ndly Moloud Khanoum.

Children from the second marriage:

1. Mahmoud Mohammadzadeh, see IX-4.

2. Ali Mohammadzadeh.

3. Hamid Mohammadzadeh.

VIII-3. Mansoureh Hejabi Mofrad, born Tehran 1907; she married ... Mirza Nour Ali Malekpourian, born ..., miniature painter in Tehran, died Tehran ... 1959, son of ....

Children from this marriage:

1. Shapour Malekpourian, see IX-5.

2. Parviz Malekpourian, born Tehran 1928, died Tehran 1938.

3. Irandokht Malekpourian, see IX-6.

4. Mahmonir Malekpourian, see IX-7.

5. Ghods Iran Malekpourian, see IX-8.

6. Azar midokht Malekpourian, see IX-9.

VIII-4. Hajji Reza Khan Hejabi Mofrad, died as the result of a car accident aged about 25; he married N.N.

Children from this marriage:

1. Ferydoun Hejabi Mofrad, died aged about 20.

2. Shahrokh Hejabi Mofrad, see IX-10.

VIII-5. Sarhang Seyyed Mohsen Hesabi, born Tehran ... 1909, Colonel in the Iranian Airforce, died Tehran ... 1983 during a heart operation; he married ... Behjat Hesabi, born Nayeh .... 1927, daughter of Seyyed Hassan Hesabi, landowner in Nayeh, and Elieh Hesabi.

Children from this marriage:

1. Zahra (Zari) Hesabi, see IX-11.

2. Marziyeh Hesabi, see IX-12.

3. Behrouz Hesabi, born ..., lives in Frankfurt, Germany.

4. Noushin Hesabi, born 1960.


Sarhang Mohsen Hesabi (1909-1983)


VIII-6. Razieh (Nosrat) Hesabi 'Nosrat os-Sadat', born Tehran 1913; she married ... Ahmad Farzad, born ..., lawyer in Tehran, died Tehran ... May 1993, son of ... and ....

Children from this marriage:

1. Mahmanzar (Mahshid) Farsad, see IX-13.

2. Jamshid Farsad, see IX-14.

3. Khosrow Farsad, see IX-15.

4. Abbas (Parviz) Farsad, see IX-16.

5. Said Farsad, see IX-17.

6. Massoud Farsad, born ..., psychologist in Denver.

VIII-7. Sarhang Dr. Seyyed Mostafa Hesabi, born Tehran 23 September 1917, Colonel and Medical Officer Iranian Army, died Tehran 14 August 1989; he married ... Sakineh (Ezzat) Khanoum Rasoulzadeh, born Tehran 4 July 1932, daughter of Hassan Rasoulzadeh, owner cigaret factory in Tehran, and Iran Dianat.

Children from this marriage:

1. Seryyed Mohammad Ali (Behnouz) Hesabi, see IX-18.

2. Seyyed Abolfazl (Behzad) Hesabi, see IX-19.

VIII-8. Amir Houshang Guity, born Tehran January 1914, civil servant Ministry of Finance and landowner, died Tehran October 2001; he married Tehran mordad 1954 Gilandokht Mortazavi, born Amoul 27 March 1931, daughter of Seyyed Khalil Mortazavi, merchant, landowner, industrialist, owner of ricehulling works and oil mills, owner of many voillages, and Hajji Khanoum Rouholamin.

Children from this marriage:

1. Soheil Guity, born Tehran 29 April 1957, civil servant Ministery of Education; he married 1st Faranak Bahrami, daughter of Kashef Bahrami, bank employee in Tehran, and Raziyeh (Mahin) Zarrinkhameh; he married 2ndly Shahla Sheikh Kanlouyemilan, born Khoy 16 June 1962, daughter of Parviz Sheikh Kanlouyemilan and Akhtar Pahjouhi.

2. Soheila Guity, see IX-20.

3. Abbas (Sohrab) Guity, born Tehran 13 April 1970.

4. Ali Reza Guity, born Tehran 8 December 1974, he studied English.

VIII-9. Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Samsami Mohajer, born Tehran 30 November 1925, legal adviser, Presiding Judge of the District Court of Ghom 1951-1952, Presiding Judge of the District Court Bench of Tehran 1953-1955, Presiding Judge of the Legal Bench of the Court of First Instance of Tehran 1956-1959, Adviser of the Court of Appeals in Tehran 1960-1961, Presiding Judge Legal Bench Court of Appeals in Tehran 1962-1963, legal adviser of the Omid Insurance Company in Tehran 1964-1971, Deputy at the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Justice 1970-1973, Assistant Prosecutor at the Supreme Court of Iran 1974-1978, legal adviser and chairman of the board of directors of the Omid Insurance Company 1976-1978, adviser of the Supreme Court 1979-1981, Presiding Judge of the Supreme Court (Legal Bench) of Iran 1982-1983, , Professor of Civil Law at the Martyr Beheshti University in Tehran 1983-1987, legal adviser of the Bureau of International Legal Services (BILS), for the international cases concerning Iran 1983-1990 and concerning Iran versus USA cases at the Tribunal in The Hague, the Netherlands, 1991-1993; he married Tehran 8/9 October 1976 Fatemeh (Alamtaj) Akbari B.Sc., born Rasht 16 June 1944, adviser C.I.T.O., daughter of Esmail Akbari, merchant, landowner and owner of a silkfactory, and Amaneh Balazadeh.

Children from this marriage:

1. Maryam Samsami Mohajer, born Tehran 20 September 1981.

2. Reza Gholi Samsami Mohajer, born Tehran 20 September 1985.

VIII-10. Manouchehr Barjesteh, Bachelor in Economics, born Tehran 24 July 1929, graduated in Economics at Berkeley, died Tehran 1978; he married Tehran .... 1958 Shahin Ghafouri, born ..., daughter of Sarlashgar Ghafouri, General in the Iranian Army, Military AttachÚ in Pakistan and other countries, and Hajjieh Aslani.

Children from this marriage:

1. Dr. Kaveh P. Barjesteh, born San Francisco ... 1962, Doctor of Chemistry, pharmacist in San Francisco; he married .... Elaine Feely D.V.M., born ..., she graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell, in 1990, daughter of ....

2. Pardis Barjesteh M.B.A., born San Francisco ... 1963, she studied Banking and Accounting, Senior Financial Analyst, Business Operations at the Office of Management and Finance of the City of Portland.



Manouchehr Barjesteh (1929-1978)


Mohammad Barjesteh (1929) with his old nanny Fatemeh

VIII-11. Mohammad Barjesteh, born Tehran 11 February 1929, merchant and manufacturer of cloth and curtains, interior decorator and owner of several shops; he married 1st (later divorced) his cousin Sorour os-Sadat (Dokhi) Dargahi, born Tehran 9 April 1945, daughter od Seyyed Agha Sarhang Noureddin Dargahi, veterinary surgeon and Colonel of Police in Tehran, and Nayereh al-Azam Vafabakhsh; he married 2ndly Batoul Alinasab, born Hamadan 31 January 1944, daughter of Yahdallah Alinasab and Mohtarammeh Asediani.

Children from the first marriage:

1. Dr. Hengameh Barjesteh Ph.D., born Tehran 22 July 1964, Ph.D. in chemistry, teacher in England, later in the U.S.A.; she married Dr Navin ... Ph.D., born Shri Lanka ..., Ph.D. in chemistry, son of ... and ....

2. Mohammad Reza (Ali) Barjesteh, born Tehran 27 October 1965, art- and antiquesdealer, specialist in 18th century French furniture in Berlin, Germany.

3. Ali Reza (Shahram) Barjesteh, born Tehran 8 February 1973, actor in Berlin.

Child from the second marriage:

4. Mohammad Hossein (Pouya) Barjesteh, born Tehran 12 August 1982, student in Tehran.

VIII-12. Ali Mohammad Nasser Barjesteh, born Mashad 24 June 1932, businessman in Tehran; he married 1st his cousin ....Ghodsiran Malekpourian, born Tehran 1938, daughter of Mirza Nour Ali Malekpourian, miniaturepainter in Tehran, and Mansoureh Hejabi Mofrad; he married 2ndly Tehran 27 May 1974 Nosrat Gavahi, born Tehran 25 June 1946, daughter of Hajji Hassan Gavahi, confectioner in Tehran, and Efat Khoshnevis.

Children from this marriage:

1. Maryam Barjesteh, see IX-21.

2. Mahnaz Barjesteh, born Tehran 5 December 1977, student in Tehran.

Mahnaz Barjesteh (1977)

VIII-13. Malek Fatemeh Barjesteh, born Mashad 3 August 1933, retired teacher, she married Tehran 11 July 1953 Seyyed Mahmoud Motamed, born Qom 27 July 1928, civil servant, director of water company in Qom, died Qom 21 October 1999, son of Seyyed Hassan Motamed, landowner in Qom, and Zahra Sarkishikzadeh.

Children from this marriage:

1. Seyyed Majid Motamed, see IX-22.

2. Seyyed Mohammad (Mehran) Motamed, born Qom 21 March 1959, businessman and project developer in Tehran.

3. Maryam Motamed, see IX-23.

4. Mohadasseh Motamed, see IX-24.

From left to right, 15 persons: Hossein Barjesteh (nr 2), Reza Majd (nr 4), Zeinolabedin Mansour Barjesteh (nr 5), the bride Simin Barjesteh (nr 8), Effat Khanoum, wife of Hossein Barjesteh (nr 12), Hassan Barjesteh (nr 13), Mohammad Barjesteh (nr 14).

Mohandes Zeinolabedin Mansour Barjesteh (1936)

VIII-14. Mohandes Zeinolabedin Mansour Barjesteh B.Sc., born Tehran 21 March 1936, architect, painter and sculptor in Tehran, partner Barjesteh and Partners, architects and contractors in Tehran, he married a) Brighton 1962 Alida Johanna Agatha van Waalwijk van Doorn B.A., born Krimpen a/d IJssel 6 June 1942, Bachelor in Spanish Literature and Language, daughter of Leendert Cornelis van Waalwijk van Doorn, contractor, Managing-Director A. den Boer, and Jannetje den Boer, Managing-Director A. den Boer B.V., she married 2ndly Schiedam 18 December 1980 Jacob Isańc van Waning, Managing-Director Koninklijke Aannemingmaatschappij Van Waning B.V.; he married b) Tehran 1964 (divorced 1969) Simindokht Barjesteh, born ..., business woman in San Francisco, California, daughter of Hossein Barjesteh, lawyer in Tehran, and Fatemeh Kangar; he married c) San Louis 7 March 1970 Jane Ashby, born Pasadina 14 May 1949, daughter of James Patterson Ashby and Elisabeth Easton; he married d) Tehran 1983 Badri Kaviani, geologist in Tehran; he married e) Tehran 1989 Nasrin Khodayi.

Child with Alida J.A. van Waalwijk van Doorn:

1. Leonardus Alexander Ferydoun Barjesteh van Waalwijk van Doorn, see IX-25.

Children with Jane Ashby:

2. Lisa Jamileh Barjesteh M.A., born Torens (U.S.A.) 5 June 1970, artist, painter, cartoonist and filmmaker in Tehran; she married Mohandes Nader Bahadorian, born Neishabour, architect in Tehran.

3. Kamran Talib Barjesteh B.A., born Orange (U.S.A.) 17 November 1972, assistent bank manager in San Francisco, graduated from Berkeley, University of California.

4. Elehna Barjesteh, born Tehran 26 May 1981, student.

5. Masoumeh Emily Barjesteh, born Tehran 23 February 1984, student.

Sarhang Seyyed Mostafa Miralai (1922-1993)

VIII-15. Farah Cyma Barjesteh, born Tehran 1 December 1939; she married Sarhang Seyyed Mostaffa Miralai, born Esfahan 1 December 1922, Colonel in the Iranian Airforce, died Tehran 1993, son of Sarhang Dr. Seyyed Bagher Miralai, Medical Doctor and Colonel in the Imperial Iranian Army, and Sakineh Naghshineh.

Children from this marriage:

1. Mohandes Seyyed Manoutchehr Miralai, born Tehran 8 April 1957, electrical engineer, graduated in the U.S.A., former Army Captain, employee Data Communications Iran

2. Mitra Miralai, see IX-26.

3. Mohandes Seyyed Mehrdad Miralai, see IX-27.

4. Seyyed Mehrzad Miralai, born Tehran 6 September 1962, Managing-Director Mehrzad Shiva Computerized Music Centre in Tehran.

5. Mahnaz (Nazi) Miralai, born Tehran 9 June 1970, painter, graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Moscow.

VIII-16. Mohammad Hassan Kazem Barjesteh, born Tehran 23 October 1943, merchant in cloth and curtains; he married a) Tehran 14 October 1978 Samileh Davachi, born Tehran 27 July 1960, teacher, daughter of Abolfazl Davachi, civil servant in Tehran, and Narges Nikham; he married b) N.N.

Children with Samileh Davachi:

1. Mona Barjesteh, born Tehran 11 February 1980.

2. Sara Barjesteh, born Tehran 9 February 1981.

3. Ali Reza Barjesteh, born Tehran 5 February 1986.

Children with N.N.:

4. Mehdi Barjesteh.

5. Javad Barjesteh.

VIII-17. Said Hossein Barjesteh, born Tehran 28 March 1945, studied in Tehran and Los Angeles, businessman in Las Vegas, died Las Vegas 15 September 1989; he married ... Kathy ...., born ..., daughter of ...

Children from this marriage:

1. Aarian Noored Barjesteh, born Las Vegas 17 June 1979, student of management, University of Idaho.

2. Azizeh Yanina Barjesteh, born Las Vegas 17 October 1981, student in Los Angeles.


Said Hossein Barjesteh (1945-1989)

VIII-18. Massoud Mojtaba Barjesteh, born Tehran 1947, musician in Tehran, lived for some time in the Netherlands, died Tehran July 1990; he married Fataneh Manouchehri.

Child from this marriage:

1. Ali Barjesteh, born Banglor 19 May 1980, died 1987.

VIII-19. Mohandes Seyyed Mahmoud Hosseinian Tehrani, born ..., civil engineer, civil servant municipality and businessman in Tehran, died ... aged 60; he married 1st ... (later divorced) Ezzat (Hormat) Sadat Hashemi, born ..., granddaughter of Seyyed Hashemi Ghandi Kashani; he married 2ndly Taj ol-Molouk Saidi, born ..., daughter of ....

Children from the first marriage:

1. Fatemeh Hosseinian Tehrani, see IX-28.

2. Ghodsi Hosseinian Tehrani, see IX-29.

3. Ahmad Hosseinian Teharni, student in the USA, died in a carcrash aged 23.

Children from the second marriage:

4. Homayoun Hosseinian Tehrani, see IX-30.

5. Zahra Hosseinian Tehrani, see IX-31.

6. Ali Hosseinian Tehrani, see IX-32.

7. Tayebeh Hosseinian Tehrani, see IX-33.

8. Nayereh Hosseinian Tehrani B.Sc., born Tehran ... 1961, graduted in Sonography and Radiology at the Royal College, London.

9. Hossein Hosseinian Tehrani, see IX-34.

10. Mohandes Hassan Hosseinian Tehrani, born Tehran ... 1965, civil engineer, he married Mahnaz Yousefi, born 1967, she studied Medicine in Tehran.

VIII-20. Hajji Seyyed Javad Alavi, born Tehran ... 1922, merchant and clergyman; he married 1st ... Batoul Alavi, born ..., daughter of Hajji Seyyed Agha Mir Alavi and Shamsi Hosseinian; she married 2ndly Mahmoudian; he married 2ndly ... N.N., born ..., daughter of ...

Child from the second marriage:


VIII-21. Zahra Alavi, born Tehran ... 1932, teacher at a secondary school in Tehran, she married ... Tehrani, born ..., commercial employee, son of ....


1. Said Tehrani, born Tehran ... 1967, studied in Tehran.

2. Hamid Tehrani, born Tehran ... 1973, studied in Tehran.

VIII-22. Hossein Sabouhi, born ..., merchant in Tehran; he married .... his cousin Aghdas Javad Aghayoun, born Tehran ... 1929, daughter of Abbas Javad Aghayoun and Tahereh (Monir ol-Hajjieh) Alavi.


1. Fatemeh Sabouhi, see IX-35 (and IX-60).

2. Ensiyeh Sabouhi, see IX-36 (and IX-61).

3. Prof. Dr. Zahra Sabouhi, born Tehran ... 1954, linguist, Professor at the University of Tehran.

4. Mansoureh Sabouhi, born ... 1957, theologist.

5. Mehdi Sabouhi, born ... 1959, psychologist, director of a secondary school in Tehran.

6. Hadi Sabouhi B.Sc., born ... 1964, Bachelor of Mining.

VIII-23. Talat Sabouhi, born ...; she married ... Hossein Afzali, born ..., son of ...


1. Nasser Afzali, see IX-37.

2. Sorour Afzali, see IX-38.

3. Mohammad Afzali, see IX-39.

4. Mostafa Afzali, see IX-40.

VIII-24. Sharifzaman Javad Aghayoun, born Tehran ... 1921, she married ... Ahmad Derakhshan, born ..., died ... 1983, son of ...


1. Mansoureh Derakhshan, see IX-41.

2. Ali Derakhshan, see IX-42.

3. Mahboubeh Derakhshan, see IX-43.

4. Zahra Derakhshan, see IX-44.

5. Batoul Derakhshan, see IX-45.

6. Hossein Derakhshan, see IX-46.

7. Maryam Derakhshan, see IX-47.

VIII-25. Fatemeh Javad Aghayoun, born ... 1923; she married ... Reza Shakeri, born ... 1912, son of ...


1. Nayereh Shakeri, see IX-48.

2. Ashraf Shakeri, see IX-49.

3. Mostafa Shakeri, see IX-50.

4. Shokou Shakeri, see IX-51.

5. Javad Shakeri, born Tehran ... 1950, civil servant; he married ... Mojgan Nikfetrat, born ... 1955, daughter of ...

6. Fahimeh Shakeri, see IX-52.

VIII-26. Akhtar Javad Aghayoun, born Tehran .. 1927; she married ... Ali Ardakanian, born ... 1917, merchant in Tehran, son of ...


1. Mohammad Ardakanian, see IX-53.

2. Mostafa Ardakanian, see IX-54.

3. Ahmad Ardakanian, see IX-55.

4. Morteza Ardakanian, see IX-56.

5. Reza Ardakanian, see IX-57.

6. Mahmoud Ardakanian, see IX-58.

7. Zohreh Ardakanian, see IX-59.

8. Mohsen Ardakanian, born Tehran 1961, businessman.

VIII-27. Aghdas Javad Aghayoun, born Tehran ... 1929, she married ... her cosuin Hossein Sabouhi, born ..., merchant in Tehran, son of Hajji Esmail Sabouhi, merchant in Tehran, and Fakhr-e Sadat ( Fakhr ol-Hajjieh) Alavi.


1. Fatemeh Sabouhi, see IX-60 (also IX-35).

2. Ensiyeh Sabouhi, see IX-61 (also IX-36).

3. Prof. Dr. Zahra Sabouhi, born Tehran ... 1954, linguist, Professor at the University of Tehran.

4. Mansoureh Sabouhi, born ... 1957, theologist.

5. Mehdi Sabouhi, born ... 1959, psychologist, director of a secondary school in Tehran.

6. Hadi Sabouhi B.Sc., born ... 1964, Bachelor of Mining.

VIII-28. Effat Javad Aghayoun, born Tehran ... 1931; she married Mohammad Fotouhi, born ... 1928, juweler in Tehran, died Tehran ... 1986, son of ...


1. Leyla Fotouhi, born Tehran ... 1957, she married ... (divirced in 1985) Morteza Ashrafi.

2. Amir Fotouhi, see IX-62.

3. Shirin Fotouhi, see IX-63.

4. Najmeh Fotouhi, see IX-64.

5. Hamid Fotouhi, born Tehran 1970, civil servant in Tehran.

VIII-29. Batoul Alavi, born Tehran ... 1928; she married 1st ... (later divorced) Haj Seyyed Javad Alavi, born .., merchant and clergyman in Tehran, son of Haj Seyyed Reza Alavi, cloth merchant in Tehran, and Ehteram ol-Hajjieh Hosseinian; she married 2ndly ... Ebrahim Mahmoudian, born ..., teacher at a secondary school in Tehran and landowner in Damghan, son of ...


1. Amir Abbas Mahmoudian, see IX-65.

2. Said Mahmoudian, born Tehran ... 1966, dentist.

3. Mohandes Farid Mahmoudian, born Tehran ... 1968, electrical engineer.

4. Pouia Mahmoudian, born Tehran ... 1971, studied at the University of Tehran.

VIII-30. Mansoureh Alavi, born Tehran ... 1935; she married ... Mahmoud Azadeh, born ..., iron merchant in Tehran, son of ...


1. Mina Azadeh, see IX-66.

2. Nazi Azadeh, see IX-67.

3. Malous Azadeh, see IX-68.

4. Majid Azadeh, born Tehran ... 1966, Bachelor of Medicine in Los Angeles.

5. Mohammad Ali Azadeh, born Tehran ... 1968, studied road building in the USA.

VIII-31. Seyyed Mojtaba Alavi, born Tehran ... 1939, merchant in K÷ln, Germany; he married ... Astrid Braun, born ..., daughter of ...


1. Nikou Alavi, born ...

2. Pateshah Alavi, born ...

3. Pedrick Alavi, born ...

VIII-32. Seyyed Morteza Alavi, born Tehran ... 1942, electrical engineer; he married ... Shahnaz Pourghaed, born ..., daughter of ...


1. Reza Alavi, born ... 1976.

2. Ali Alavi, born ... 1979.

3. Amir Alavi, born ... 1989.

VIII-33. Khadijeh Banou Alavi, born Tehran ... 1947, sociologist, teacher in Tehran; she married ... Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Eslami, born Kashan 1933, Professor of Economics at the University of Tehran, died Tehran 1985, son of Mirza Hossein Eslami, landowner in Kashan, and Ashraf Eslami.


1. Hossein Eslami, born Tehran 25 esfand 1360.

2. Roxana Eslami, born Tehran 26 dee 1362.

VIII-34. Mahdieh Alavi, born Tehran 21 March 1923, died Tehran 29 January 1997 (visiting the grave of her father); she married ... 1957 Prof. Dr. Adnan Mazarei Ph.D., born Shiraz ... 1925, he studied and graduated at the University of Geneva and the University of Wisconsin, lawyer and economist, advisor and consultant of an oil consortium 1956-1958, economic advisorof the American Embassy in Iran 1958-1959, founder and publisher of Melate Khavarmianeh magazine, founder of the School for Literature Saadi, international lecturer 1960-1981, attorney at law in Tehran 1961-1981, Professor of Economic Studies at the University of Tehran 1977-1978, visiting scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles 1980-1981, later visiting scholar at the Department of Psychology of the same university, President of the Literary Circle of Saadi and Member of the Board of Directors of the Irano-Pakistan Cultural Society, son of Ayatollah Seyyed Jafar Mazarei and Badr-e Sharieh Deste-Gheib.


1. Dr. Adnan Mazarei, born ... 1958, economist with the International Monetary Fund in the USA.

2. Mahdiyeh Mazarei, born ... 1959, accountant, she married ... 1992 Shahram Sharafshahi.

3. Zoka Mazarei, see IX-69.

4. Rakhshan Mazarei, born ... 1962, employee of Morpho Technologies.

5. Nahid Mazarei, born ... 1964.

6. Tannaz Mazarei, born ... 13 February 1966, she married ... 23 September 1990 Babak Akbari, born ... 27 November 1963, ..., son of Jahanshah Akbari and Tahareh Kermanshah.

VIII-35. Mahjabin Alavi, born ..., she married and has got children.

VIII-36. Masoumeh (Masi) Alavi, born ..., she lives in the USA; she married ... Changiz Bagherzadeh, born 27 Ocotober 1923, judge at the Supreme Court of Iran, died USA April 1992, son of ...

Child from this marriage:

1. Dr. Mohandes Nader Bagherzadeh, born ..., Electrical Engineer, Lecturer at the University of Houston, later at the University of California.

VIII-37. Dr. Maryam Banou Alavi, born ..., pharmacist in Tehran; she married Dr. Mohammad Reza Samii, born ..., pharmacist in Tehran, died ..., son of ...

Children from this marriage:

1. Marjan Samii, born ... 1970, lives in the USA.

2. Mersedeh Samii, born ... 1974.

VIII-38. Mehran Alavi, born ..., she lives in Germany; she married ...Wolfgang Vogel. They live in Darmstadt, Germany.

Children from this marriage:

1. Oliver Vogel.

2. Alexander Vogel.

VIII-39. Mandana Alavi, former manager of a private hospital in Tehran, nowadays lives in Canada; she married 1st Dr. Salas, Medical Doctor, owner of a private hospital in Tehran, died of a heartattack; she married 2ndly about 1982 Dr. Ali Irevani, dentist and surgeon in Tehran.

Children from the first marriage:

1. Koroush Salas, he lives in Canada.

2. Amitis Salas, she studied in Paris; she married Tehran May 1991 David Lynch, Australian diplomat.

3. Proshad Salas, she studied in Paris; she married Summer 1990 .... Yousefzadeh, he studied at the Hotel School in Switzerland, manager in his father's hotel 'Hotel Mashad' in Tehran.

VIII-40. Mohandes Khosrow Alavi, born Tehran 1938, roadbuilding engineer in Tehran; he married ...

Children from this marriage:

1. Babak Alavi, born ...

2. Bersan Alavi, born ...

VIII-41. Manutchehr Alavi, born Tehran ... 1939, Senior Vice President World Trade Hall in Tehran, he studied in the U.S.A. and returned to Iran in 1967; he married Carol Lynn Young, born Clay County, West Virginia, 6 July 1944, died 17 October 1999, daughter of Sherman Young, teacher and local politician, and Grace Young, she married 2ndly ... Kincaid.

Child from this marriage:

1. Sherri Christina Alavi, see IX-70.

VIII-42. Shadan Malek Afzali, born ...; she married ....

Child from this marriage:

1. Delavis, born ...; she married ... 1990 ...

Mitra Alavi and Mehrdad Alavi in the house of their 'brother-in-law' Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar.

VIII-43. Mitra Alavi B.A., born Tehran 27 April 1944, economist, Head of Financial Department California State University, Los Angeles; she married Tehran 17 September 1968 Ferydoun Nasri F.C.A., C.P.A., born Tehran ... 1946, Charter Accountantin Los Angeles, Treasurer of the International Qajar Studies Association, son of Sarlashgar Mohammad Ali Nasri, General Iranian Army, and Zahra (Zari) Khanoum Rajabshahri (formerly Rajabov and nowadays Shidfar).

Children from this marriage:

1. Ali Nasri B.Sc., born ab. 1971, Bachelor of Science, businessman in electronics.

2. Reza Nasri B.Sc., born ab. 1975, Bachelor of Science, employee in electronics company.


Mehrdad Alavi, Mitra Alavi and Ferydoun Nasri in the house of their 'brother-in-law' Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar.

VIII-44 (also VIII-55). Dr. Mani Alavi, born Tehran 28 April 1947, Doctor of Laser-Physics in Villingen in Germany, employee HSG-IMIT; he married ...Mitra Ghafari, born Tehran 22 August 1955, daughter of ... Ghafari and Mehri ...

Child from this marriage:

1. Karen Bozorg Alavi, born Marburg 19 June 1985.

VIII-45. Shayesteh Alavi, born ..., School Dean in Tehran, she married Tehran 20 November 1964 Mohammad Afshar, born ..., ... in ..., son of .... and ....

Children from this marriage:

1. Behzad Afshar, born ..., economist in ...

2. Behnaz Afshar, born ....,

3. Amirhossein Afshar, born ..., Industrial Engineer in...

VIII-46. Khodjasteh Alavi, born ..., she married ... ... Tadjbakhsh, born ..., ... in ..., son of ...

Child from this marriage:

1. Katrin Tajbakhsh, born ..., Biologist in ..

VIII-47. Seyyed Mohsen Alavi M.B.A., born ..., Master in Business Administration (from USA), ... in ...; he married ... Fatemeh Fardjadrad, born ..., ... in ..., daughter of ... See

Children from this marriage:

1. Hanieh Alavi, born ....

2. Seyyed Ali Alavi, born ...

VIII-48. Marjan Alavi, born ..., she married .... Seyyed Ahmad Seyedin, born ..., ... in ..., son of ... and ....

Children from this marriage:

1. Emad Seyedin, born ...

2. Maryam Seyedin, born ...

3. Narges Seyedin, born ...

VIII-49. Dr. Manouchehr Vaziri, born Tehran 1937; Qualified Tehran Medical School - 1961 / Post-graduate surgical training in UK - became Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons - 1969 / Consultant General Surgeon - National Iranian Oil Company Hospital, Abadan - 1972-1980 / Director of Emergency Services - Prince Philip Hospital Hospital, South Wales, UK - 1982 onwards. He married in Kent, UK, 1968 Valerie May Harker, born Kent, UK, 1944, previously senior radiographer, daughter of James Harker and Kathleen Wakefield.

Children from this marriage:

1. Paula Shideh Vaziri, see IX.

2. Leila Jane Vaziri, born Kent, UK, 1972; Associate litigation lawyer in a large law firm in Bristol, UK. She married in South Wales, UK, 1999 Ian Royce Wilkinson, born Yorkshire, UK, 1973, lawyer, son of Alan Wilkinson and Pamela Booth.


Manouchehr Vaziri and Valerie May Harker in 1968

VIII-50. Dr. Roshan Vaziri, born ..., Medical Doctor, specialist for internal diseases, translator of Russian and Polish books; she married ... Leshek Wozniak, born ..., civil engineer in Tehran, son of ...

Children from this marriage:

1. Mohandes Alborz Wozniak, see IX.

2. Mariam Wozniak B.S., D.M.D., B.S. in Biomedical Engineering (Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois 1984), D.M.D. (Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston 1988), Certificate in Periodontics (Columbis University, New York 1994), oard Certified, American Academy of Periodontology (1999), Periodontist in private practice in New York City, marathon runner.

VIII-51. Shideh Vaziri, born ...., physiotherapist in private practice in Harrison, New York; she married ... Prof. Dr. Abbas Heydari, born ...., Professor of Economics at Dowling College, Hofstra University and Pace University, son of .... and ...

Children from this marriage:

1. Farhad Heydari, born 1973, internationally published freelance travel writer, specializing in architecture, food, wine and golf, for, among other publications, Travel + Leisure, Golf Magazine, CNN Traveller, AttachÚ, South China Morning Post, Wine and Dine, and the New York Post, lives in Hamburg, Germany.

2. Kamran Heydari, born ...., graduated and working in the financial sector in New York City.

VIII-52. Parvaneh Vaziri, born ..., retired Lecturer of History at the University of Tehran; she married ... Jamshid Varzandeh, born ..., retired managing director in the oil industry, son of ...

Children from this marriage:

1. Marmar Varzandeh, born ..., store manager in the U.S.A.

2. Babak Varzandeh, see IX.

3. Mohandes Mehrdad Varzandeh, born ..., Engineer, worked in public sector and in charge of retrofitting and making bridges in San Francisco earthquake proof, later consultant in a private firm.

VIII-53. Dr. Farideh Vaziri, born ..., paediatrician in New Jersey; she married ... Dr. Houshang Amiri, born ..., consulting radiologist in New Jersey, son of ...

Children from this marriage:

1. Mehra Amiri, see IX.

2. Ramin Amiri, born Tehran 1970, commercial airline pilot; he married January 2004 Debra Compton, born ..., ... in ..., daughter of ...

VIII-54. Dr. Victoria Aziz, born Tehran 30 August 1942, Medical Doctor, general practioner and consulting specialist for internal diseases in London; she married Moscow 3 October 1964 (later divorced) Khosrow Azari, born Khalkhan 17 July 1939, son of Mohandes Mir Agha Azari, civil engineer, and Sora Pishevari.

Children from this marriage:

1. Dr. Jian Azari Ph.D., born Moscow 1 October 1965, computer scientist, in 1993 he received his Ph.D. in 'Transmission of Mixed Video, Speech and Data Services over ATM Networks', he works at the Telecommunications Systems Department of the Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Bristol; he married London 20 May 1989 Hamideh Siassi M.Sc., born Qazvin 11 September 1963, daughter of Dr. ... Siassi, Medical Doctor and surgeon in Ghazvin, and Batoul Siassi.

2. Anwar Azari, born Moscow 23 November 1970, computer scientist.

VIII-55 (also VIII-44). Dr. Mani Alavi, born Tehran 28 April 1947, Doctor of Laser-Physics in Villingen in Germany, employee HSG-IMIT; he married ...Mitra Ghafari, born Tehran 22 August 1955, daughter of ... Ghafari and Mehri ...

Child from this marriage:

1. Karen Bozorg Alavi, born Marburg 19 June 1985.

VIII-56. Zari Farhadpour, born Tehran 15 sharivar 1332, artist; she married .... Dr. A.R. (Kourosh) Sadeh Ph.D., born Tehran 29 March 1952, Ph.D. in Mathematics, lecturer at the Amir Kabir Polytechnic University in Tehran, son of Ali Asghar Sadeh and ...

Children from this marriage:

1. Narges (Nessa) Sadeh, born 9 Mehr 1366.

2. Sina Sadeh, born 2 Ordibehesht 1370.

VIII-57. Aghdas Sadat Darbandi; she married Rajabipour, merchant and poet.

Children from this marriage:

1. Pouran Rajabipour, see IX.

2. Touraj Rajabipour, see IX.

3. Iraj Rajabipour, lives in Munich, Germany.




VIII-58. Dr. Parvin Salahshour, gynaecologist in Pars Hospital in Tehran; she married ... Escatina.

Children from this marriage:

1. Arman Escatina, born ...

2. Darioush Escatina, born ...

VIII-59. Dr. Ali Parvizi, born ..., adviser to Agriculture Minister on economic affairs (since October 1988), Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Iran; he married ....

Children from this marriage:

1. Artehmira Parvizi, born ...

2. Artamis Parvizi, born ...

VIII-60. Touran Parvizi, she married ... Sharifiye.

Children from this marriage:

1. Mehdi Sharifiye, he lives in Berlin.

2. Mehriar Sharifiye, physiotherapist in Berlin.

3. Mehrnoush Sharifiye, she lives in Tehran.

4. Mehrouz Sharifiye, she lives in Germany.

VIII-61. Iran Parvizi, she married Mohandes ... Ashrafi, ...

Children from this marriage:

1. Dr. Mohammad Sina Ashrafi, accountant

2. Sholeh Ashrafi, journalist.

3. Dr. Marjan Ashrafi, linguist.

4. Morteza Ashrafi, lives in Washington D.C.


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